My Best Gift

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Since Faith went home to be with The Lord, I have begun to find some healing in many things.  One of these things so far has been writing.  I wrote this poem not long ago.  Re-reading and reflecting has aided me tremendously as well, as I have re-read the poem a number of times.  I pray it will be a blessing to you as you may be going through grief as well.
In Love to Faith Melody Bryant
During the day staying busy
is a good help to get me through
But then my thoughts slow down in the evening
and that’s when I think of you
As pain fills my heart
the tears begin to drift
I truly know what it means
to give God my greatest gift
Although you are not here with me now
to play along the shore
When my time on earth is through
I’ll come to Heaven where we’ll be together forever more
by Sara Bryant – 06.18.14
This poem has helped me in a number of ways.  I believe that writing things down holds a lot of power, first of all.  Second, it really made me reflect on Faith and what she means to me.  Writing this poem also gives me an insight into my feelings, emotions, and beliefs.  Faith going home to be with The Lord has given me a new revelation of life in general.  I have re-thought so much of what I believe, how I live, etc… since April 15, 2014.  Not to say that what I believed or lived prior to Faith leaving was wrong by any means.   However, when I am forced to re-evaluate my life due to the situations that come my way, I must see the positive and ways that I can help others through the pain that I am enduring.
This poem expresses how I feel in that I have given God my greatest gift.  I have no other way to describe Faith besides my greatest gift.  While I did not give her willingly, I refuse to let the enemy steal her from me. I know that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  So in order to combat that, I have purposed in my heart, that while God did not kill my precious baby, I give her to Him as my best gift.

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