Faith’s Godfather’s Gift to Her

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Diego Valdez, one of my dear friends wrote and performed this beautiful song as his gift to Faith.  It touches my heart so much that he would do that for her.  We, now, can share Faith with the rest of the world through this song.  She is and will always be a beautiful person.  
I chose some pictures that are special to me to accompany the beautiful song that Diego wrote.  These pictures remind me of my baby girl.  I can look at and hold these things close to my heart to remember her until I see her again one day.  This video is a wonderful way to share her love with you.  
Also, please remember, if you are going through this tremendous loss of a child, you are not alone.  By sharing about our precious babies, we can love and comfort one another. 
God Bless & Enjoy

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