(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Not a day goes by that I don’t have so many reminders of Faith.  I’m not talking about just me thinking of her, either.  Anyone that has lost a child knows what I am talking about.  Almost everything can remind you of your child.  For me, songs are a HUGE reminder.  
I now watch or listen to some of my favorite bands DVDs or CDs and the songs are so appropriate to change the name to Faith or they talk about love in some way.  REALLY????  It is so difficult to live with constant reminders that she is not with me.  
There are certainly some times that I am happy and feel good.  I have a wonderful family and friends.  They are all so supportive.  I am blessed that they are all willing and happy to talk with me about Faith.  I know that she is alive and well in Heaven.  However, thinking of her happy in Heaven, is yet, another reminder to me that she is not with me.
Seeing other babies is very difficult.  Seeing pregnant women is difficult.  Seeing baby clothes is difficult.  Etc…
Well, I am going to go for this time and enjoy some time with my wonderful husband.  Tomorrow will be another day of…reminders…

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