Another Day

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Another day has gone by since I lost my beautiful baby girl.  Overall, I had a pretty good day.  I went for a good long walk with my husband, did Tae Bo (the entire 45 minute DVD), did some grocery shopping, did some work in the house and made salmon burgers for dinner.
I thought about Faith a lot, just as any other day.  For me, it seems like a daily revelation that she is gone.  I was resting in bed earlier watching a movie with my husband and I rubbed my belly, almost as if I expected her to be there.  Alas, of course, she was not.
I was reading something about grief the other day that said when you lose a child, in the beginning months your body has a reaction almost by shutting down and not recognizing what is going on.  I was aware that Faith died (I am really beginning to hate that word and all words associated with death), when it happened. However, due to all that happened, as well as moving, it is all really beginning to “sink in”.
In a while, I will lay down and attempt to go to sleep.  If I am blessed with another day, I will wake up again, tomorrow will be yet another day that I must go on and live without my precious Faith Melody.

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