Due Date Retrospect

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

This is the video of the balloon release we did yesterday in Faith’s honor.  Yesterday was her due date.  It was a very difficult day for me.  I pulled out her urn, held her, and of course cried a lot.  I also pulled out cards that we received just after her passing, read them and cried.
I think doing the balloon release later in the afternoon was helpful to me, as I had been very emotional most of the morning.  Doing something such as a balloon release, helped me a lot, as it was a very tangible thing for me and I felt like I was doing something very special for Faith.
Retrospectively, I am extremely glad that we did this in honor of Faith on her due date.
What have you done to honor your loved one(s) that have gong to Heaven?  How has doing these thing(s) helped you in your journey?

4 thoughts on “Due Date Retrospect

  1. When my cousin was killed in a car accident, I'd visit his have anytime I felt like it. Which ended up being pretty often. They have a notebook there that you could write in it was nice to either communicate with him or other people that would visit him there. It slowly became less and less. While I still think about him and miss him, life carried on. You don't forget but the sing of pain gets a little more dull as time went on. Honestly, I've got a little lump in my throat right now thinking about it all. He has been gone for over 10 years now.

  2. When my father went passed, I went on a downward spiral. I cried, moped around, talked to him constantly and my life felt just about over. I realized with a few slaps in the face that this was not honoring my dad or his memory. I then decided to change my life around. I look at pictures of him everyday, talk to him everyday and try to live my life they way he raised me and think he would be very happy for me. I know someday I will see him again and that is what keeps me moving and the best way I can honor him is to tell my children about how wonderful of a father he was and show them, by raising them the same way he raised me, with discipline, honor and respect.

  3. I totally agree. Although it has been only a short time since Faith went to Heaven, and I certainly have times that I break down and bawl, I must choose to honor Faith with my life and help as many people as possible. She wants me to share my faith, love, and care with others. I long for the day I will see her again. God bless you!

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