(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Do our loved ones turn into angels when they die?  I ask this question from a Biblical standpoint.
From a Biblical standpoint, my answer to the question, of course, is no, humans do not turn into angels.  A lot of  people refer to their loved ones who have passed away as angels.  I have no issue with that at all. While I know that it is inaccurate, whatever brings someone comfort, is fine by me.
Angels, however, were created when the Heavens and Earth were created.  When satan fell, some of the angels fell along with him.  When humans pass away from earth, I believe they are waiting for the second coming of Christ.
I base this belief on a couple of things.  1) When the thief on the cross spoke to Jesus prior to dying, Jesus told him “today you will be with me in Paradise”.  To me, this clearly shows that the thief is where Jesus is.  2) To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord. (II Corinthians 5:8).  To me, again, this clearly tells us that when our spirit leaves our body, we are present with The Lord.
Sometimes you hear of people being “asleep” when they die, waiting for the second coming.  I believe this is also true.  Let’s break it down simply.  When we die, our spirit leaves our body and goes to be with The Lord.  Our body is waiting until the second coming of Christ so that then we can have our glorified body.
That is what I glean from The Word regarding angels.  We actually get to judge our angels.  Angels were created.  They are not human.  We are above angels.
Is there any harm in referring to our loved ones as angels?  No.  While we certainly can refer to our loved ones who have passed on before us as angels if that brings us some comfort.  I sometimes use this verbiage, as it is a widely used phrase and people understand what you mean by saying your child is an angel.
I also try to keep this perspective, as I know not everyone has the same beliefs:
Just because I believe something doesn’t make is so.  Just the same, just because I don’t believe something doesn’t make it not so.  Whatever the truth is, that is what it is, regardless of what we believe.

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