4 Months – Numb

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
4 months ago today my baby girl, Faith Melody, went to Heaven.  I still cannot believe she is gone.  I don’t know if I ever will.  It is so strange every day that life just keeps going on without her.
I feel like I am having a pretty good day, but as I sit staring at her picture, I realize that I am numb.  I haven’t been like this since she’s been gone, but I have moments where numb is the only way to describe how I feel. It seems like only yesterday that she left.
I think this feeling of numbness is built into us for a reason.  Although I have been having a pretty good day, when I think of Faith today, I am sad and have an ache in my heart, but in a strange way I am just plain numb.
It is cloudy and rainy today, which doesn’t really help my mood at this point of the day.  However, I think I will let you all go for this time and go enjoy some time with friends.
It’s ok not to be ok…it’s ok to be numb for a season…

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