Another Day on My Journey

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Today overall has been a good day.  I have opened some moving boxes in my office (Faith’s room) and have started putting things away.  Thank goodness it seems that my Cricut and sewing machine are found and functional.
I have been thinking of how I want to decorate my office and I think I may put up Faith and girly stuff to remind me of her.  I came across some beautiful bright sparkly butterflies last night and I may put them on a wall with Faith’s name in vinyl letters…just a passing thought.
Although I miss Faith SO VERY much and think about her all the time, I am slowly beginning to enjoy some of the little things in life again.  Although I have moments that I break down and things that trigger these moments, these emotions do not control my life.  I know these moments will always come when I allow them or when I see or hear a trigger.
I love and miss my baby girl with all my heart.  She is and will always be the light of my life.  My love grows stronger for her every day, which makes me miss her every day.
This makes me realize that while every day in my journey of life will be different, they will each be the same in that I will always hold Faith in my heart until we meet again in Heaven on that joyous day.

2 thoughts on “Another Day on My Journey

  1. Indeed, of course I will never forget. Although even this early, it seems that I feel my love for Faith growing and overtaking the pain. I do feel pain and imagine I will for quite some time, the love continues to grow.

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