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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Today has been a so, so day for me.  Overall it was pretty good I guess.  I didn’t have any breakdowns (so far), but I was just sort of down quite a bit.  
I got some shopping done, which made me feel good and productive.  I did some things around the house, which also made me feel good.  Cooking dinner was also very nice.  I have been cooking quite a bit and really enjoying it.  I think my motherly instincts are really coming out more and more since Faith was born.  
Late this afternoon when I went to get the mail, there was a box that was a formula and dietary supplement for nursing mothers sample from Similac.  I must say, I didn’t react as badly as I thought I would.  I think my reaction was sort of numb.  I pulled up their website to find the unsubscribe phone number.  I called and explained my situation to the gentleman, who was very kind and helpful in unsubscribing me from their mailings and e-mails.  
I have had to do a lot of unsubscribing from e-mails that I had signed up for when I was pregnant.  At first, I ignored all of the e-mails, as it was too painful to even look at them.  I finally started going through and unsubscribing, as they came through, as I realized they were not going to go away on their own.  
As I have mentioned before, it is interesting to me how some things can trigger breakdowns/tears, while other times nothing…I think we are built that way so we can cope with things.  At any rate, that was an unexpected sample, and yet again, another reminder that my baby girl is not with me.

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