The Nest

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Today, I was blessed with a lovely necklace and a poem made by a beautiful friend.  This truly touched my heart that she would make this for me and the poem is perfect.  As emotions run high for people who have lost a child, these are some very true and comforting words.  We will be together again, our beautiful Faith.
I am so honored to have this necklace and can wear it as a beautiful reminder of God’s promise to us that we’ll see Faith again in Heaven.  If you know anyone who is grieving the loss of a child, please feel free to share this poem with them.
We love you Faith Melody!

Here is what the poem says:

The Nest
The Spirit of God alighted on Jesus in the form of a dove.
This same Spirit guides my family with His never-ending love.
Inside this little next you’ll find two eggs resting there.
One for me, and one for Owen.  The perfect family pair.
Our baby, Faith, flew back to God leaving behind a feather.
A tiny reminder that God has promised one day we’ll be together.

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