Capture Your Grief – Day 6 – Books

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Books…that is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt.  Since Faith died, I haven’t read a lot of books.  I am not a huge reader, although I do enjoy reading, when something really peaks my interest.  That being said, there are two books that I have read since April 15, that have been very good for me in this journey.

1) Mommy, Please Don’t Cry…by Linda Deymaz
2) Princess Faith’s Mysterious Garden by Jeanna Young & Jacqueline Johnson
We had two friends send us the Mommy, Please don’t cry book.  Although it is very good, it should be Mommy & Daddy, but I digress.  This book is very well written and talks about how great Heaven is and how your child is doing well. 

My Mother-In-Law gave me the Princess Faith book this Mother’s Day.  It is a very precious book that is a story of a princess named Faith and how she plants, loves, and takes care of a beautiful garden.  

I have a feeling that our Princess Faith is in Heaven taking care of her mysterious, beautiful garden.  I am sure there are many beautiful flowers and animals in her garden.  
Both of these books help me to escape the world and focus on Faith and to remember her as the Princess that she is.
I think books are a great way to not only learn new things, but also to escape and relax.  I am certain that I will continue to read more books, as I move forward on my journey of love, loss, and healing.  
I would love suggestions of books that have helped you on your journey.

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