Capture Your Grief – Day 7 – Sacred Place

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

The topic for today’s Capture Your Grief is Sacred Place.  While I was at work today, a good part of my day was thinking about Faith (big surprise).  

I must say, though, that what I really wanted to do was to come home and write in the journal that I just started writing in for/to her (special thanks to Carly Marie and the Capture Your Grief project – Day 5).
As I was feeling a great need to be at home and write in my journal, I realized that doing so, for me, is like being able to spend time with Faith.  
I know as the time goes by that there will be many ways that I will be able to spend time with her, but for now, this is a very big part of my “Faith & Me” time.
I do not, as of yet, have one place (i.e. the beach, a park, the forest) on earth that I go to spend time with Faith.  For now, my sacred place is my journal.  It fills my heart with love and joy to be able to go to my journal and write to Faith, for Faith, about Faith, for me…
While I do feel Faith with me always, and especially when I am enjoying the beauty of nature, my journal, no, Our Journal, will forever be Our Sacred Place.

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