A Wonderful Saturday with My Best Friend

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Today my husband and I had a wonderful day.  We began the day by going to a beautiful beach.  The sand was so smooth and white.  The water was clear, blue, and beautiful, the sky was bright blue, the breeze was cool.
I love the feeling of the smooth, cool, white beach sand on my feet.  I also picked up quite a few beautiful shells that I will be making some jewelry out of soon.  I am very excited about that, and my husband will tell you that when we go to the beach, I do always have to pick up shells…ha…ha…  
We ate a picnic when we got there and then went for a nice long walk on the beach.  As we ate we saw a dolphin swimming along in the ocean.  It was just breathtaking.  We got some good sun, had some good exercise, and had a great time sharing together.  

I saw many children playing in the water and sand and building sand castles.  We even saw some sand snowmen, which was very cute!  Of course, I thought of Faith during the day, but being in such beautiful nature, made me feel closer to her somehow.  

Then we ate at a very good seafood restaurant and had fish and chips.  I am sure we’ll go back!  After that, we went to another beach and walked a bit there.  That was very nice as well.

We did have to stop at Michael’s so that I could pick up some jewelry making materials that I need for some things I am getting ready to start making!  Our next adventure was to go enjoy some cool refreshing drinks at another restaurant.  
After that, we went to the Halloween store to see some of the cool things that they sell.  There were a lot of interesting costumes and whatnot for Halloween.  
On the drive home, we saw an amazing sunset, so of course I had to capture that, to add to the other great pictures we had taken today.

Overall, I had a wonderful day and thought of my daughter very much.  While I think of her all the time, I am also realizing that I am still living and I need to do as my husband says “get busy livin or get busy livin”.  We don’t really give ourselves a choice.  After all that we have been through together, we realize that we need to live life to the fullest each and every day that we are given on this earth.  Each day is a gift from God and we need to treat it as such.  

So, to you, my dear daughter, Faith, we are here, loving you, loving each other, and living life.  I love you baby girl.

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