Capture Your Grief – Day 11, Altar

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

I don’t really have what I would call an altar in my home in honor of Faith.  However, I do have a few items that represent her sitting on top of the dresser in our bedroom, so that is sort-of an altar.  
I think eventually I’ll get a nice shelf or something to place her items on, but for now, this is nice.

The items that are on the dresser are (from left to right) a beautiful April angel figurine that my sister-in-law sent to us recently, a precious angel holding a baby figurine that a friend gave to us before we moved, the balloon weight from the due date balloons that we released on August 3rd in honor of Faith, and a cute little pink hat sent to us from Calvin’s Hats.
All of these items are precious to my heart and remind me of my beautiful Faith.  The angels are special to me, as they came from family and friends.  I also know that Faith is now surrounded by angels now.  I was thinking of decorating her room with angels, and I may still do so.  I think that may be a great way to decorate my office to remind me of Faith.
When I go past the dresser, I look at these items and think of my beautiful daughter.  So for now, until I create a special shelf or decorate my office, these items on my dresser, are my “altar” for Faith.

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