Capture Your Grief – Day 13 – Season

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

Today’s Capture Your Grief project prompt is Season. 
I guess I really haven’t thought too much about a certain season reminding me of Faith.  Although, when I took a moment to do so, it didn’t take me long to decide which season/seasons that would be. 

I have to say that the season/seasons that remind me the most of Faith are fall/winter.  We found out that I was pregnant the day before Thanksgiving last year.
Over Thanksgiving time, we went into downtown Seattle to go to see the Nutcracker and to Oliver.  On one of these evenings, I took this picture of a beautiful star that was on one of the buildings, as they had already started to decorate for the Christmas season. 
I also remember going to Starbucks one evening and we all got tasty hot holiday drinks.  I recall I got the apple cider drink, as I knew it didn’t have very much caffeine.
We had a great time, and looking back through some of the pictures, reminds me of the wonderful time we had.  We were so excited to be having Faith.  
Fall/Winter will always remind me of Faith.  In a strange way, I am glad that the timing was the way that it was, as I will ALWAYS be Thankful for her and remember her in a very special way at Christmas also.  It is over the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas that we tend to focus on the blessings in our lives, so it is quite proper that is when we found out that I was pregnant with Faith.

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