Capture Your Grief – Day 25 – Mother Earth

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Mother Earth is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt today.  The point is to plant a plant in honor of your child. So today, my wonderful husband, Owen, helped me find just the right plant.  We picked out a beautiful red hibiscus plant in honor of Faith.  
This plant is particularly special to me because the first flower Owen ever gave me on a trip we took to the San Blas Islands, north of Panama.  
So, I really wanted this particular flower to be a part of our precious Faith’s garden since it is such a special flower to me.  We went out and purchased the plant this morning.

Actually, early in the day, Owen asked me “Isn’t today the day you are supposed to plant a plant?” Of course, I knew right away what he was referring to.  I was very touched that he thought of it before I even  did and that he was so excited to do this to honor Faith.  

So, in honor of our beautiful daughter, Faith, we planted this beautiful hibiscus plant in our backyard. We planted it outside of our windows so we can see it very well from the living room.  It is very beautiful and a great reminder of Faith.
Here’s to you baby girl.  We love you.

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