Capture Your Grief – Day 29 – Reflect

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Reflect…that is today’s Capture Your Grief prompt.  When I reflect back at the month of October, I am realizing that it has been a very good month as far as my grief journey.  I must say that doing this project has been very good for me.  
Each day I have written a blog post on the prompt provided.  Doing so has helped me to view losing Faith in a different way, whether it was focusing on new hobbies that I’ve started or feeling closer to Faith through nature.  
Tonight, I take a moment to REFLECT on what Faith means to me.  She is still my pride and joy. She will be forever.  I love her more each day and along with that love, I miss her more every day.  I remember a line from Return to Zero when Minnie Driver says that if she quiets herself down she can almost hear her son.  I feel the same way about Faith.  I can almost feel and hear her when I quiet myself down and get into His peace.
So, in reflecting back on this month, I am thankful for this project.  I am thinking about a “project” of some sort that I can do to continue to stay on track with my healing journey.  My picture for today’s blog post is one that I took of the necklace I ordered because of participating in the Sacred Project.  I am so excited about this project and SO thankful for the beautiful necklace.  It is so pretty and shiny, so I think it is a great way to capture life’s reflections…today, I reflect…

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