Missing Faith

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)

We are still on our trip. I don’t know too much to say today except that I miss Faith very much. 

I miss her more at certain times than at others. I guess that’s “normal”. Every time I see a baby (or young girl), when I pass a shop with baby items, when I see others playing with their child/children…I miss Faith. 
I do have a relationship with her, although it’s not the “traditional” mother-daughter relationship. I talk to her frequently. She’s constantly on my mind & always in my heart. 
I know I have grown (& grown up) so much over the past year: physically, mentally, & spiritually. Not that I wanted to, but I have been forced to. 
While my heart aches for my daughter, know this: I appreciate life & all it’s wonders now more than I ever did before. While I would certainly rather have Faith with me, I know that she’s taught me to live & love in ways I never knew possible. For that, Faith, my Princess, thank you. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Missing Faith

  1. Sis even though I can never imagine the pain that you've gone /going through, remember that you have family that loves you including nieces and nephews. One in particular that speaks of you often. Even though she's seen you little you made a big impression on her little heart.

  2. Thank you, Brittany, for your kind words. We do have a lot of love & support from our family & friends. Thank you — she's made a big impression on my heart as well. When she's a little older, I'd love to tell her about her cousin in Heaven. ❤️️

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