First Christmas without Faith

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Christmas this year for me was better than I thought it would be. While Faith was not with us physically, I believe she was with us in spirit.  We ended up decorating more than we thought we would.  
My mother-in-law was with us this year for Christmas and we had a great visit.  We were able to play games, eat cookies, and just spend good time together.  We went to one of our favorite parks, went to the manatee viewing center, and also went to the beach.
I know that there will never be a day I am on this earth that I do not think of Faith.  I know that there will never be a holiday that I do not think of her either.  While I know these things to be true, I also know that I will see my baby girl again one day, and believe that while I am thinking of her, she is thinking of me.
Merry Christmas Faith.  We love and miss you!

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