Another Day Closer…

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
As I sit here this evening and enjoy feeling Joy moving around, my thoughts stray to Faith.  As this week, goes into week 24 with Joy, it was also week 24 with Faith last year.  One year ago tomorrow was the day I was hospitalized after they did an ultrasound and realized that my water had indeed broke (after tests for fluid showing the contrary).
I am thankful that I have a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon for my shot and to see the doctor. I think it will take up quite a bit of time and keep my mind off the day.  
I believe I have everything I need to make Faith’s first birthday cake now.  I love baking, but making her cakes will always be bittersweet for me, I am sure.  
I looked quite a bit for what I wanted to make this year.  I plan to do an ombre design on the inside (lemon/yellow) and outside of her cake (pink).  I also will use hibiscus flowers as decorations.
I am sure we’ll have a nice evening at home together while we share Faith’s birthday cake and ice cream.  I imagine we’ll talk about last year and just spend time together.
I just can’t believe Faith’s birthday is on Wednesday… 

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