Capture Your Grief – Day 9 – Family

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Family is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  For the sake of time and length, I will focus this blog post to my spouse and children, as I come from a large family and have many cousins, aunts, uncles, etc…  
I also have a number of close friends that I consider family…
Faith is and always will be a special part of our family.  She is our first daughter.  However, since she now resides in Heaven, my earthly family consists of my husband and our daughter, Joy.  They are my loves and mean the world to me.
My husband, Owen, is my true love and my best friend.  You know that old saying “who would you call if your goldfish died?”… my husband is that man to me.  He is my partner, my love, my companion, my rock.
Joy is the light that brightens my days.  She is such a beautiful little girl and is so happy.  I thank God for blessing us with her.  She is 11 weeks old today!  I am truly enjoying being her mommy and watching her grow.
When you look at my family, you only see three of us.  In reality, there are 4, Faith lives in our hearts.

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