Capture Your Grief – Day 16 – Creative Grief

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
 Creative Grief is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  This topic really hits home for me.  After we lost Faith I started making jewelry as a hobby.  I have always enjoyed crafty things, but for some reason, just happened to really throw myself into making jewelry at that time.  I decided to start my jewelry business, Faith Melody Memories, not too long after that.  It is something that has given me such a great creative outlet since Faith went to Heaven.  It also gives me the great opportunity to share my creations with others and also to share her story.  I create all of my jewelry in her honor.  Very soon, I am going to be launching a new jewelry line in my store called Faith & Joy.  I am also working on some new infinity pieces that will be available soon.

I am very excited about my new line, Faith & Joy.  I believe I will be able to offer quite a number of pieces that will focus on Faith & Joy.  As I am writing, I am just now brainstorming and thinking I will add a special write up about both Faith & Joy to include with each piece of jewelry in this new line.  I believe this will be a great tribute to Faith and a special way to share Joy.
I am so glad Creative Grief is today’s topic, as it has been an inspiration for me to come up with adding a special write up to include in my new line!  Perhaps I need to come up with special packaging of some sort for this line as well…hmmm…
You can see my offerings in my Etsy store here.
The pictures I have included in this post are bracelets that I made in memory of Faith.  The black and white one has her footprints, name, birth date, time, weight, and length.  The pink one has her heartbeat.  I am so very happy with how these turned out and thrilled that I have them.  It is always an honor to create such lovely memories like these for others who’ve lost a precious child.

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