Capture Your Grief – Day 22 – Dreams + Rituals

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Dreams + Rituals, that is today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  Do I have any dreams for my future?  The simple answer to this question is yes.  I have many dreams for my future.  I would love to see my jewelry business in honor of Faith continue to grow and grow.  I also look forward to continuing to see Joy grow and one day to tell her about her older sister, Faith.

I also believe that when the time is right, I will be able to help others going through this tremendous loss in some way.  I have thought about volunteering for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I have also thought about reaching out to local hospitals and other organizations to do presentations to educate people regarding pregnancy and infant loss.  I believe that The Lord will open the doors for me to do something like this when I am ready emotionally to do so.

I don’t really have any rituals regarding Faith’s birthday or other special days.  This past year, we had a birthday cake for her on her first birthday.  On her due date we released balloons for her.  I believe moving forward we’ll probably go out to eat on her birthday to “celebrate”.  I imagine I will wear the shirt that I had made for myself with her footprints, name and birthday…

Mommy misses and loves you so much Faith.

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