Capture Your Grief – Day 25 – Earth Remembrance

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
Earth Remembrance, that is yesterday’s Capture Your Grief topic.  I got a day behind, so I am catching up!!  Gotta stick with it!  
Last year, my husband and I planted this beautiful red hibiscus plant in our backyard in honor and memory of Faith.  It is now very tall and beautiful.  I will have to post a more recent picture of it soon, but wanted to share this picture with this particular post.  I really like this picture a lot.  I look at myself in this picture and remember that through all the pain of losing Faith, I am still mostly a happy person.  Faith still brings happiness to me, even though she lives in Heaven.  I look at this plant daily and think of my beautiful daughter.  It grows and blooms, just as my love for Faith does. 
I believe planting a plant or tree in honor of a loved one is a great idea, especially if you can see it often.  It does something wonderful for your soul.  I am not sure why, but it does.  It’s as if you watch yourself growing right along with the plant in your grief journey.  
I will continue to look at this beautiful plant every day and think of Faith…

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