Capture Your Grief – Day 29 – (WHY?) What Heals You?

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2017)
I really like today’s Capture Your Grief topic.  The topic is What Heals You?.  You can read the history of this topic on Carly’s site in the link above.  I have done the Whys and What Ifs many many times since Faith died.  I may still every now and then.  However, Carly’s idea of focusing her energy on What Heals You? instead is a great idea!
The bottom line is I can’t change that Faith is gone.  THIS is what happened.  So today, in my thinking about this topic, I came up with many things that heal me…
The Lord has been with me through every moment of losing Faith and quite frankly every moment of my life.  He is ALWAYS there for me.  He heals me in every way a person can be healed…mind, body, soul, and spirit.
Owen and Joy heal me.  Spending time with them together has quickly become one of my MOST favorite times of every day!  I love watching them together and how happy each one makes the other.  It is so beautiful to watch my daughter with her daddy!
Blogging and writing heals me.  I enjoy sharing my story and feelings.  I enjoy both blogging and writing in my journals.  Both things are healing to me in different ways.  I feel as though I can share and help others by blogging.  Writing in my journals helps me to talk to Faith and also with Joy.
Making jewelry heals me.  I have been enjoying making jewelry so very much.  I just created my first piece in my new Faith & Joy line the other day and am going to be finishing up my next piece here in a little bit after I finish this blog post!  I am very excited about this bracelet!
So today, instead of asking why, or following up your asking why, focus on What Heals You!

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