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Deciding to Review Loved Baby

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Sarah Philpott has written a wonderful book called Loved Baby.  It is 31 devotions to help you grieve and cherish your child after pregnancy loss.  First, let me start by saying that I gave doing this review quite a bit of thought before deciding to do it.

The reason for giving this review opportunity a lot of thought is that I am currently pregnant with our second child after loss.  I knew that this book would discuss loss in depth and bring up a lot of memories that would be uncomfortable for me during this time.

Loved Baby Review & Giveaway

That being said, I am SO glad that I decided to do the review.  I was correct in that there are a lot of references to loss, as well as the pain that is associated with that loss (as I would assume there would be in a book geared toward helping you grieve the loss of a child).

However, Sarah’s caring writing style drew me in and made me feel loved even though some of the chapters were especially difficult to read while pregnant again.

The pictures above are of me with my first child after loss, Joy.  She is a true JOY to all she meets.  I thank God for her every day and she lights up my life.  There is also a shadow in this picture that depicts a child at about the age of 3 1/2, which is about how old Faith would be if she were here with us today.

I love this picture and think it shares the quote that Sarah uses of sadness and peace dancing together.  I believe with all my heart that the pain of losing a child never goes away.  However, I have experienced over time that the sharpness of this initial pain does lessen and that your sadness and the Peace of God truly do dance together.


Loved Baby is a beautifully designed book inside and out.  The colors and theme are soft and give you a sense of love and comfort from the moment you pick it up.  The softness moves wonderfully throughout the book.  I love how Sarah incorporated scripture references throughout to direct you where you need to go for further reading and study in The Bible if you choose.

The Soul Work and Prayer Time sections of each chapter are so helpful as well.  They not only carry on the theme and soft design of the book, but give you simple and very applicable things to ponder and pray.  Both of these things are so important in the grief journey after losing a child.

ContentLoved Baby

Sarah writes beautifully in Loved Baby and gives you the feeling that you have been lifelong friends.  She is caring, understanding, and above all, leads you to Christ as she helps you grieve the loss of your precious child.  She is real, yet comforting.  She does not mince words and tells her story truthfully and clearly so you know you are not alone in your grief journey.

I commend Sarah on her honesty and candid writing in this book.  Pregnancy and infant child loss is sadly still a taboo in our society today for some reason.  She sheds light on that fact and shares with you her most intimate experiences and thoughts.  I have found this to be the best way to share about my own loss, so it is refreshing to see someone else do the same.

Chapter 14 ~ Born into the Splendor of Heaven

This chapter really spoke to my heart when I read it.  In this chapter, Sarah goes into detail about the story of Job (Job 3:11-19), when Job perfectly describes Heaven for a stillborn child.  Since this is the type of loss that I personally experienced in April of 2014, I wept as I read the words from The Bible in this chapter.  I knew that our daughter, Faith, went to Heaven, but hadn’t gone to the book of Job to recount his description of this occurrence.

Reading this chapter truly brought me a new kind of joy, comfort, and peace that I am thankful for.  To realize that God tells us very clearly in Job that these precious babies are born directly into Heaven can give us the assurance that we will be with them again forever if we are saved.  I long for the day I will see my precious Faith again.  Thank you for sharing this in your book, Sarah.

I’ve Lost a Child, Should I Get This Book?

The simple answer to this question is without a doubt, YES.  If you have lost a child, no matter what age, this book will guide you through your grief journey and lead you to God in the process.  As my grief journey goes on I have realized that when something like this happens to you, you can do one of two things: 1) Run from God OR 2) Run to God.

Once you realize that God did not kill your child, you can rest in His love and peace as you Run to Him.  I do not know what I would have done or do today without having His love and peace to reassure me during my grief journey.  Sarah clearly describes some of her difficulties (and those of others) who have found God again after some time through their journey.  It is completely normal to be angry with God during the inital loss of a baby.  Tell Him how you feel.  I love that Sarah is very clear about being honest and open with your spouse and with God during these most difficult times.  This is key to making it through your grief journey.


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Loved Baby Fashion & Compassion Bundle

Sarah has teamed up with Fashion & Compassion to put together a lovely Fashion & Compassion Bundle.  If you would to purchase Loved Baby and receive a beautiful hand-hammered bracelet pair, you can do so here or by clicking the picture of the bracelet to the left.

The Sterling Silver heart will be a constant reminder of your precious baby & may the “loved” charm bring you peace knowing you are loved!  This bundle would make a perfect gift for someone you know that has lost a precious baby this holiday season (OR anytime).


Loved Baby is a superbly written book, filled with love, kindness, and a true look at pregnancy and infant child loss.  Sarah Philpott has supplied the child loss community with a WONDERFUL tool to share with friends, family, and others in need during their time of loss.  If you have experienced a loss, I strongly recommend you get your hands on a copy of this book.  If you have the means and can share it with others, please do so.  Buying this book and donating it to your local OB/GYN or hospital to help another woman is a great way to celebrate the life of your precious LOVED BABY.

8 thoughts on “Loved Baby Review & GIVEAWAY!

    1. Hello, Noelle,
      You are very welcome. I am glad you stopped by. I will be doing more reviews and giveaways soon. I hope you come by again soon. Blessings, Sara

  1. I would love to read Sarah’s book. I experienced pregnancy loss as a young woman and wish there had been a resource like this then. I will be keeping this book in mind to give as a gift.

    1. Hi, Cheryl,
      I am so sorry for your loss. Sarah’s book is wonderful! It would be a true blessing for anyone that has lost a precious child. I am also currently working on a package to offer to women/families going through pregnancy after loss. If you or anyone you know has had pregnancy after loss and would like to contribute some inspiration to the package, please contact me. You can see more information on this post: God bless you and thank you for visiting. I hope you drop by again soon. Blessings, Sara

  2. I work as a teacher to teens that are pregnant/parents in high school and this would be an awesome resource to work with those who have miscarriages!

    1. Hello Dawn,
      That is awesome! YES, Loved Baby is indeed an awesome resource for those who have lost a child to miscarriage or stillbirth. I have been thinking that every so often I will purchase a few of these just to have on hand for gifts for those who need them. It is a FABULOUS book and Sarah Philpot is a very kind and lovely lady. God bless you! Sara

        1. Thank you, Dawn. Yes, I believe this is a great tool to be able to bless women with after they encounter a loss. I plan to create some sort of program to be able to get these books into more hands. Thanks for dropping by again! Blessings, Sara

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