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Awhile back I shared in the Journey through the Bible Facebook groups via an evening live.  It was my honor and privilege to share with this talented group of ladies and create a page in my Illustrating Bible using my Waymaker printable at the same time.


If you do not know me, you may not be aware that I lost my first daughter when I was 24w 2d pregnant.  Faith will always be my first daughter and I can’t wait for the day when we’ll be together again in Heaven.  I created this page and shared my story of Faith during this session.


When Faith died, a piece of me died right along with her.  My life was forever changed in that moment.  I struggled with what I believed and had some very loud and angry conversations with God because He did not save her.  It wasn’t until I heard His voice in my spirit reminding me that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, that I had to face the reality that God did NOT take my daughter.  I was upset that He didn’t save her though, as I still believe that Jesus died for our complete healing, as described in Isaiah 53 (spirit, soul, and body).  HOWEVER, when the Lord spoke to me late this past year (2019) regarding a resource  that will help others who have lost children in a similar way), it really struck my heart that I would not have been able to help others dealing with this pain if I had not have experienced it myself.


Since Faith died, God has blessed me with two beautiful daughters, Joy and Hope.  I had 2 high-risk pregnancies with LOTS of doctor visits, weekly shots, weekly ultra-sounds, preventative cerclages, and needless to say, some stress.


The purpose of this story is two-fold; 1) to remind you that God is our Waymaker.  I do NOT, nor will I EVER believe that God killed my daughter.  Nor do I believe that it was His will.  There is NOTHING in the Bible after Christ died and rose again that would suggest that either of those two things is accurate.  However, Jesus came so that we could have life and life more abundantly.


I DO, however, believe that God uses what the enemy meant for evil for good, if we allow Him to do so.  God made a way for me to experience being a mother and to experience some much needed healing after Faith died.  He has also opened so many doors and opportunities for me to share about her to other loss moms.  2) to encourage you to not only dig into your Bible when you are going through grief/pain, but to journal it and share it with others who may be encouraged by your story.  God comforts us so that we can be a comfort to others.  I would LOVE to see what you created if you have my Waymaker printable.

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