Refreshed Devotional Guide

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2021)

I am SO excited to share this amazing devotional guide with you.  Refreshed really strikes a cord with me.  I have been hearing “refresh” in my spirit over the past week and I know that it is my word for 2022.  So, when I saw this new devotional guide from DaySpring I got really excited!  Cleere Cherry Reaves writes clearly and distinctly about God in this guide.  You will love how you feel like you are her friend as she shares her heart.

In Refreshed: Meeting with Jesus, Becoming Love in Action, you will learn to change your rhythm, show up differently, and live from a place of abundance.  In this 30-day study, your heart will be both encouraged and challenged with a daily devotional, a Scripture passage, reflection questions, and a prayer so you can refresh others with Jesus’ love after being refreshed in His presence.

My personal favorite parts of this guide are the Communicate with Love portions.  I love how Cleere shares with us how to dig deep into God’s Word and truly view how we are communicating with others.  I honestly have so much love in my heart, but sometimes find it easy to let the things of the world come in and stop me from walking in that love.  This book is a PERFECT reminder for me (& you) of God’s perfect love for us.  We must remember to constantly be refreshed in His presence so that we can share His love in a way that is Christ-like.

If you have been looking for a great 30-day devotional guide, this is a great one, especially going into the new year.  Get a new perspective and get REFRESHED to head into 2022 with your best foot forward!

*A copy of Refreshed was given to me by DaySpring in exchange for my honest review.  All my opinions are my own.  You can see all the details of the Refreshed Devotional guide by clicking the picture on this post or by going HERE (affiliate link).

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