30 Day Pray for Putin Prayer Challenge

A few of days ago, the Lord really spoke to my spirit regarding praying for Putin and Russia.  I, of course, stand with the Ukraine and pray for them during this difficult time.  However, over the last couple days, God has been confirming what He has spoken to me regarding a prayer challenge for Putin.

Matthew 5:44 in the Amplified Bible says:

But I say to you, love [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for] your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,


It is very clear to us that we must be supporting and praying for safety and protection for the Ukraine people right now.  But praying for Russia and Putin in particular have not been in the forefront and I believe they need to be.  God can change hearts, minds, and situations through the power of prayer.


That is why He instructs us to do it.  Through praying for our enemies, God changes our hearts.  He also is able to send His angels on assignments because of our prayers.  I believe with all my heart that God can and will send someone in the path of Putin to give him a change of heart.

Join me for the next 30 days praying for Russia, and specifically for Putin!

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