Ever since I moved to the Tampa, FL area in 2003 God started blessing me with keys of His kingdom (how to live in the victory that Jesus purchased for us here on earth).  I must admit that for a while I have not been using some of these very important keys.  Over this past couple of years, He has really been laying it on my heart to share these important keys of the Kingdom with others but I haven’t really known how, until now.

I’ve loved being creative for a long time.  I have made cards, gift tags, jewelry, scrapbooks, etc…I still enjoy doing those things.  However, I knew in my heart that there was a way I could combine my creative need and at the same time help other women that have lost a pregnancy/child or are going through pregnancy after loss, and share God’s important truths (keys) with others.

I came across Bible Journaling through Amanda at Move the Mountains at the end of 2018 after going through some very difficult times.  I immediately fell in love with Bible Journaling.  I can tell you that through recent difficult times and Bible Journaling I have fallen in love with Jesus all over again.

I wish I would have known about Bible Journaling after my loss of Faith and during my pregnancies with Joy and Hope.  It gives me the ability to creatively meditate on God’s Word like nothing else.  I know Bible Journaling would have been so helpful for me during those difficult times in my life.  I pray it will be helpful to many women going through similar loss or pregnancy after loss as well as anyone who is creative and loves meditating on His Word.

Join me to begin Creatively Meditating!

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