It is Finished (Holy Week Study)


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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2023)
IT IS FINISHED Study Launch: March 19! (Study begins April 2, 2023)
I have felt this year that God is leading me in a different direction, in my personal life, and in business. That being said, I am honored to start sharing SIMPLE Bible studies.
I have noticed that when I am doing a Bible study I sometimes get so focused on the artistic aspect that I get behind or fall short of finishing because of that. My Bible studies I share with you will be SIMPLE, meaning that they will have a simple format using cards and scripture prompts. They will not have devotional content. These are meant for you to study, dig into, ask God to reveal things to you through the Holy Spirit. They will not contain a lot of printable elements (saving time by not having to fussy cut). While I absolutely LOVE that type of thing, I have noticed that for me, I need something that helps me feel as though I am being creative (cards) and then if I choose to add to them using stamps, printables, etc…I can, but I don’t feel like it is required.
This first study of the year, It is Finished, will lead us through the week prior to Resurrection Sunday. I hope you will join me in this amazing journey digging deep into God’s Word surrounding the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
It is Finished is a PDF download that contains 22 pages with beautiful images and scripture prompts.  I pray it blesses you as you study the events leading up to and including the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I pray this digital download will bless you by helping you hide God’s Word in your heart.

Please tag me on Facebook #keysofthekingdom & Instagram @keysofthekingdom with your creations. I would love to see what you create with my printable!

This purchase includes 1 PDF Download.

It is for personal use only. It is not to be sold for financial gain.


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