Journal Your Way through Job: A Poetic Journey


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(Last Updated On: July 1, 2021)

I am SO excited to share this journal with you all!

This poetic writing of the book of Job began in January of 1998 and was completed in May of 2004, as the Holy Spirit gave my husband inspiration. It is written in a rhyming and fun format so it is easy to understand and guides you through the book of Job quickly and easily. We pray this book stirs your spirit, challenges you to study the book of Job, and creates a new hunger for the things of God. The Book of Job is confusing to many people. There are many questions raised about the book: 1) Why did God allow these things to happen to Job?2) What was the fire of God that destroyed Job’s sheep and servants?3) Was the fire from God or satan?4) Was Job a perfect man?What were the leviathan and behemoth? If you have been confused by the book of Job this journal will help you to revisit the book and gain insight that you have never had before.


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