I believe in sharing valuable resources with my readers.

I am currently working to put together a package for women and families going through pregnancy after a loss(es). I hope to include a very helpful book that will be a great help to these families. This package will also include a printable guide, printable workbook, and a printable list of tools and other valuable resources to help make your rainbow pregnancy as positive as it can be.

I am also working on an eBook to share. This eBook will focus on my journey through the pregnancy and loss of our first baby girl. I hope to shed some light on this subject for people who do not know about this type of loss, as well as to be some help to others who have gone through or are going through this devastating loss.

I will also be creating printable worksheets and tools for other topics as well. These may include gardening/food prep, organization, bullet journaling, Bible study, and much more!

Check back soon!

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