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    Life Goes on Today without Faith

    Life Goes On Life goes on today without Faith.  Even though this is the case, life today without Faith, was a very good day.  We went shopping and got some things we needed.  Then we came home and my husband made some wonderful vegetable soup.  We had a great time playing with Joy.  I also did some laundry (this just reminded me that it needed to go in the dryer!). Work So, now I am trying to get some work done at my desk in my office.  I’ve gotten a few things done for my current projects: working on a website, brainstorming ideas for my new blog, thinking of how…

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    Nominated for a Liebster Award

    Nominated I was nominated by Kaitlyn for a Liebster Award!  I am very honored by this nomination.  Thank you so much for the nomination, Kaitlyn.  Please check out her blog and give her some love. So what exactly is The Liebster Award? Liebster is a German word for beloved. The award is given to up and coming bloggers. It’s a great way to discover new bloggers. This award is especially special (ha ha) to me because I started this blog in honor of my BELOVED daughter, Faith.  This is for you baby girl! The rules for the Liebster Award: 1. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you by linking back to their blog.  If you want you…