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Journaling through the Bible

I was thinking the other day that I have never journaled through the Bible, so I thought why not do it and invite you all to join me?! What a great way to dig into God’s Word, spend some quality time with Him, and go all the way through the Bible by creating (at least) one journaling page in/for each book.

For this journey, I am journaling in my Spiral Bibles. I am mainly using printables from Bible Journaling Ministries, as they have printables for almost all the books of the Bible. The ones they don’t have, I will be creating a one-page printable for to use, that I will make available in my shop. I am printing my printables on clear sticker paper, highlight/and or underline my verse(s) and make some notes with a pen. That is it. I am not using a ton of supplies, no coloring, no painting, no other mediums. I want to keep this journey SIMPLE so I can spend some quality time with God, but be done with my journaling FAST.

No special supplies are required to join this journey. I am sharing my list of supplies I am using for the journey. You are more than welcome to use/purchase any, all, or none if you would like.

Journey Introduction & Supplies

Here I share about the journey and the supplies I will use.

Session 1 - The Law - Genesis

Join me for a simple journaling page in the book of Genesis!

Session 1 - The Law - Exodus

Journal a fun and simple page in the book of Exodus!